Highland Capital Management Gets More Shares at Nexpoint.

James Dondero is the co-founder of Texas-based Highland Capital Management. The fund that was founded in 1993 focuses on structured investments, fixed income, public equity as well as distressed investment funds. Highland Capital Management has a portfolio valued at about 2.44 billion.   Recently, Highland Capital Management stepped up their position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies […]


Brown Modeling Agency is owned by Justin Brown, the president of the company. Justin Brown started the agency several years ago. The Agency has a list of models with high-profile and are working for the top companies that are known around the world. The Brown Modeling Agency: a leading agency for fashion and print models […]

Tips towards Living a Purposeful Life

Many believe that everyone was born with a certain purpose. However, a majority of them are still struggling to discover their purpose in life. Considering ways Andrew Ferebee used to discover his purpose may help you discover yours too.   Before realizing his purpose, Andrew had a job that consumed almost a third of his […]

How Goettl Serves Its Communities

Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC repair company based in the Tempe and Phoenix areas of Arizona, but it’s recently become a key service company in the Las Vegas area of Nevada as well. Goettl has acquired several HVAC repair companies over the years and put together a team of experts, and they’ve also used […]