Greg Secker the Highflying Trader

Greg Secker is a business mogul from England who is widely known for his expertise in foreign exchange. He was born on February 18, 1975. Secker was already a multi-millionaire by his twenties. He acquired his wealth in different ways. He has authored several books, which are all about trading, giving tips on how to […]

Preston Smith, Rocketship Education, and a Few Things about Learning You Should Know

Rocketship Education is a leading network of public charter schools located throughout the United States. Preston Smith, alongside former technological advisor John Danner, created Rocketship Education’s first branch in San Jose in 2007. Since, its eighteen locations – ranging from as north as Wisconsin, as east as Washington DC, and west as California’s Bay Area […]

NuoDB SQL Database Technology

NuoDB SQL Database technology is an elastic SQL database for use in cloud and container based environments. Traditional SQL databases suffer in performance due to the fact that they were designed for use in a more outdated client-server relationship era, and were not created to operate in the modern cloud based environment. Up until now, […]