Barry Lall and the Pinnacle Hotels USA

Talking of Barry Lall, this is a name that most in the managing business are familiar with. He started his business back in 1989 by purchasing a humble 12 room lodge. He is now the proud owner of Pinnacle Hotels USA. He has worked hard for over 30 years to build his portfolio. The company has then grown to a 26 property portfolio and has diversified to 9 locations. Lall went to a medical school, but after migrating to the USA, he decided to take advantage of the available opportunities. His passion for entrepreneurship made him abandon his medical carrier and started a business that has now taken over the market.

For Dr. Barry Lall to hire you, he must see that passion and desire for that job in you. The goal of his company has always been to provide the best services to their client. He is concerned with the clients and the minds of the associates and assets, which are major players for any business to grow. Barry expresses professionalism, teamwork, integrity, quality, and leadership throughout the management of his company. Lall also went ahead to speak on how he has managed to create a culture of teamwork within his companies.

According to him, it all begins from the employees you hire to your team. However much we might want the team to feel privileged, the hiring process isn’t easy. On the other hand hiring process on the executive level is all about connections and your network. Having a good reputation is also very important as people will want to work with you. Currently, Barry Lall is the M.D and the president of Pinnacle Hotels USA. The investment has its headquarters in San Diego. The company, apart from having nine hotels it has also concentrated on the selling of properties.