Raj Fernando establishes that Employee Management Is Crucial For A Company’s Growth

Raj Fernando is a prominent business person who has served in senior executive positions in some of Chicago’s financial institutions like, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, US Commodity Trading Futures Commission, and other organizations. Raj Fernando has achieved a recommendable development given that he stepped into the financial industry as a volunteer after […]

John Goullet- Entrepreneur, business leader and Principal at Diversant

Since its establishment in 2010, Diversant has grown to become the largest African-American owned IT staffing and IT solutions firm in the United States. Its main principle is to employ diversity in everything. Leadership and executives at Diversant believe that the more diverse ideas, opinions, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences are included in the team, the […]

Investing With Laidlaw & Company Let My Wife Retire Early

Teaching is really the hardest job in the world because retiring from it is so hard. My wife got 20 years into it realizing that she hated it, and she wanted to get out as fast as possible. That meant that she needed to do something to get away from it, and I found Laidlaw & Company because I thought they could help. The best thing about this is that we actually got a personal meeting with Matthew Eitner and James Ahern before we started. We told them that my wife was basically ready to retire a decade early, and they picked out the broker that they thought would help. They sent us to the broker with notes for them, and then we all sat down to decide what to do. Laidlaw & Company came up with a way for my wife to only work for three more years and be fully retired, and it worked in every way. We could see that her retirement accounts were increasing every month, and we started planning for her to retire early. I was a really freeing feeling because Laidlaw & Company had the plan set up for us without any problem. It was like they do this every day. They do more than retire, but they are so creative that they have made it easy for us to retire early. I was already on the verge of retirement, and now my wife has joined me in retirement. We kept all our accounts there, and now they are helping us raise money for a beach house.