Contraband cell phones falling into the wrong hands means trouble

Throughout the nation’s prison system, one of the most serious threats is that posed by prison gangs. These dangerous organizations are often structured with the same sort of hierarchic rigor that is seen in the world’s most highly trained military units. They are also frequently headed by extremely intelligent and charismatic leadership. In short, the nation’s major prison gangs are not your local small-time hoodlums.


One of the most dire problems that the country’s penal system has faced over the last decade has been the widespread proliferation of contraband cell phones within prisons and jails. These devices are the perfect tool for the highly organized criminal gangs found throughout the country’s prisons. The phones are used to communicate with associates on the outside of prison, facilitating the commission of serious felonies and sometimes leading to outright terrifying events.


The problems caused by organized prison gangs’ access to unauthorized communications devices has gotten to the point where it now frequently undermines the very legitimacy of the criminal justice system itself. In case after case, witnesses have suddenly withdrawn their testimony or cooperation with investigators. In many cases, uncooperative witnesses force the prosecutors to drop the charges. This has been true in some of the most serious criminal cases throughout the country and has been especially pronounced throughout the state of California.


If prosecutors and investigators cannot reliably count on witnesses to aid in the prosecution of serious crimes, including murder, rape and high-level drug trafficking, the entire system is undermined, losing its ability to function as a means to maintaining social order.


Additionally, and even more troubling, contraband cell phones have been used to carry out assassinations of prison staff and police. This is a completely unacceptable violation of the integrity of any civilization. A country’s criminals must be kept at bay, protecting the public from their depredations and ensuring that citizens have the necessary confidence in the law to maintain an orderly and industrious society.


As a result of all of these problems, Securus Technologies has created the first system that is able to deal directly with the threat posed by unauthorized cellular devices. Known as the Wireless Containment System, the device is capable of shutting down 100 percent of all illegal cellular communications taking place within prisons where it is deployed. The Wireless Containment System has a proven track record of not only successfully blocking all calls originating from unauthorized devices, but it is also capable of detecting any illegal cell phones that are currently turned on, pinpointing their location and leading corrections officers to seize them.


The device has been deployed in various prisons throughout the American West and, so far, the results are highly encouraging.