Gary McGaghey Advice to Entrepreneurs

Gary McGaghey is a well-known entrepreneur and the Chief Financial Officer of the Group CFO. He is currently working with William Lea Tag, which is a private equity firm. Gary is a very hard-working person making him a target for many companies that wants to work with him. Before he became a member of William Lea Tag, he worked with other different big companies that are known worldwide. Among these companies are Unilever, Robertsons, and Nelsons. When working with the Robertsons, he was elected as the chief operating officer, where he ensured all the operations were run smoothly.

In an interview, Gary McGaghey explained his morning routine, which is always busy with business meetings but still manages to find time for a walk that he enjoys doing. He enjoys reading books since it gives him new ideas about how business operations should be handled. Gary enjoys working with a good team that also shares their mind and ideas on improving the state of the company. He considers sharing minds as the best way to reach higher ends and achieve great things. Gary enjoys spending time working on his future plans as well interacting with people who bring new ideas to the table.

Gary McGaghey considers patience and advice as a way of making it in business. He always advises entrepreneurs to surround themselves with the right people in order to achieve their goals. Failure will always come, but how you handle it is what makes the difference, he said. In order to keep on succeeding, one needs to put more effort even when things are not working out since when given time, everything falls in place. Gary considers listening to his team an important factor since they might have ideas that you don’t. Just like any other entrepreneur, he has also encountered failure but handled it with courage; that’s why he is among the top business people today.

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