John Savignano Is Passionate About Accounting

From personal experience as an accountant and many years in that field, John Savignano knows what it takes to be successful in it. He has started teaching classes at Fordham University to help young people learn what they need to do to be successful in accounting, and he also shares several tips for it. He says that there are fifteen traits that a good accountant should have and shares what they are so that others can find success in it.

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Being good at math is an important trait of an accountant, as is being detail-oriented. He says that being good at socializing and having a passion for the work that they are going to do are a few more qualities that those who want to get involved in accounting must have. Other qualities include being able to work through and even thrive from challenges and having good ethics. When all of these things come together, someone can have a great career in accounting.

John Savignano started working in his family’s store at a young age and learned early on the importance of hard work. He studied at St. John’s University in Queens while still being active at his family’s store, and he graduated in 1983. John Savignano started his career as a CPA and has well over three decades of experience. He is always trying to work on his business and be smarter about it. He is passionate about his career and that has helped him to become so successful.