Lineage Logistics and 8VC Declare a Partnership to Propel Supply Chain Development

Lineage Logistics and 8VC company recently declared an essential partnership to put resources into upcoming technology startups to propel the transportation and logistics business. Previously, the two organizations have worked together through Lineage’s technology investment arm, Lineage Ventures, to drive logistics companies, for instance, the worldwide supply chain visibility platform.

Lineage likewise utilizes innovation from other 8VC portfolio organizations all through the organization. The organization intends to speed up the development of the supply chain. As a public statement indicates, the two organizations will start joint interest in supply chain innovation companies.

They are thinking about the joint improvement of innovation and commercializing a portion of Lineage’s most encouraging licensed innovation. 8VC influences a group of partners and advisors through the supply network to determine powerful technologies and the companies behind them and influence their capital. The press statement indicated that Lineage is an innovator in size, scale, and innovation capacities and wants to team up.

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