OSI Food Solutions – An In-Depth Overview of this American Food Processor

Introduction to OSI

OSI Food Solutions is a subsidiary of OSI Group within the food processing industry. The American company is owned privately, and is located in Aurora, Illinois. The company consists of about twenty-thousand employees and has been in service for one hundred and nine years.

OSI Food Solutions works in unison with some of the nation’s greatest retail food brands in an effort to offer a great value to customers around the world. The company is known for it’s positive interaction within the industry. They follow a short list of core rules and values that allow the company to continuously improve.

The food processing industry is an industry that requires perfection when operating, and when customers have special requests, one of OSI’s greatest strengths is the ability and tenacity to adapt to an unexpected or unfamiliar situation. This is one reason why OSI continues to be a front-runner in the meat and food processing industries.

Globe of Honour Award

OSI Food Solutions UK earned the Globe of Honour in 2016, presented by the British Safety Council. The accomplishment was acknowledged in November of 2016 at Drapers’ Hall in London. This reward comes as a result of a five-star effort within the industry to protect the environment while still maintaining strong health and safety standards.

Long-Term Consistency

OSI Food Solutions has consistently proven that they are a company of integrity and teamwork, avoiding the opportunities to cut corners in an effort to provide a better service to its consumers. They have specialized in the meat processing industry for decades and continue to prove that they are a leading private company within the industry. An effort like theirs bodes well for their future as they continue to represent what it takes to successfully and responsibly handle the complex art of meat processing and the strict guidelines and regulations that follow.

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