Pamela Baer Helps The World

Based in San Francisco, Pamela Baer is a philanthropist and a community leader that puts time and effort into making sure that everyone can have a good well-being. Pam Baer especially focuses on the health care and the vulnerable, as they are some of the people that struggle the most in life. Originally, she had came from Texas and she had gotten her marketing and finance degree at the University of Texas.

Originally, she had begun her career in New York City and had put her focus on financial services. It was only after a while of working in New York City that she had decided to start a direct marketing agency in various fields (including fashion and finance) alongside various B2B and B2C clients. Pam Baer had also met her husband in New York City and had gotten married to him as she worked on her new career.

It was only until 2002 that Pam Baer decided to expand her horizons and move her work to San Francisco. She had decided to do this after she was inspired by the amount of effort and care put into saving her sons’ life. Around this time frame, she had joined the board of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation and had worked in the foundation until 2018. While she was working for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, she had been appointed as the first Lifetime Director and she has involved herself in various non-profit charity organizations.

An example of the work Pam has done to help out is by involving herself in the Hearts in San Francisco Project, where she had helped raise about $18 million for the hospital. Just recently, she helped out the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center to make sure they can be able to supply support and proper care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pam also holds various trustee and board positions in groups such as the Family House, The Giants Community Fund, and the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle. Refer to this article for related information.


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