Peter Briger: Driving Fortress to greater heights

Peter Briger is currently considered one of the most influential figures in the financial industry. With a career spanning more than 30 years, he has been able to achieve quite a lot and continues to inspire many in the sector. Peter Briger’s career growth has been steady starting at Goldman Sachs after completing his bachelor’s degree at Princeton. His career at Goldman would go on to inspire that at fortress investment group where he is the current CO-CEO and Co-Chairman of the Fortress board of directors. He was one of the leading persons when fortress went public in 2007. At the time Peter Briger had just joined the board of directors. His experience at Goldman Sachs would become a factor in his ability to influence and steer the process in the right direction. Briger had worked in various departments there, and he understood what the launch of an initial public offering entailed. Taking Fortress public came with various opportunities which otherwise would not have been achieved by a private group. There was an increased inflow of capital, which would allow fortress to make more investments, especially in areas that were coming up. This was compounded by the five billion dollars they were able to raise for the flagship credit opportunities fund. This fund would be dedicated entirely to credit financing and would supplement what was already in place. Peter Briger as head of the credit at fortress investment group understood this process and had instrumental in raising the amount. He has helped Fortress establish various tools that support credit investment.

In 2017 the management of fortress received an offer from Softbank a Japanese investment bank that has been an aggressive expansion mission. They were willing to acquire fortress for 3.3 billion and the management would pass on the request to shareholders. In July the offer was accepted, and with the necessary approvals already granted by the relevant watchdogs the deal was completed in 2018 and Fortress was delisted from the stock exchange. Peter Briger and other leaders in the group will, however, remain in charge and guide the group towards greater success given the success they have already been able to achieve.