SF Giants CEO Larry Baer Knows How To Change The Game

SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer is at the forefront of professional sports. As a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School, he isn’t a stranger to working hard. This is a trait that has allowed him to quickly work his way up the ranks and make strategic choices in his career.

Choices, for example, that gave him powerful results during his time in the media industry at CBS and Westinghouse Broadcasting. This, however, was only temporary. Despite his success, the Giants CEO decided his life was meant for other things. The result of this choice was the first step in his acquisition of the SF Giants and his promotion to the Giants CEO.

A Quick Change

Soon after becoming the CEO, the SF Giants CEO took the team to their 2nd World Series Championship in three years. Two years later, the team was able to take another World Series title thanks to the leadership of Baer. The Giants aren’t the only team that owes Baer for his help, however.

Many baseball fans have been happy to find that Baer’s construction of Oracle Park is just as grand. Since opening in 2000, the park has continued to awe baseball fans the world over. In 2008, the ballpark even earned Sports Business Journal’s Sports Facility of the Year. Not just that, he is also the chairman and CEO of Giants Development Services.

Moving Forward In A New Way

This branch of the company is a little different than the rest. Its current project, however, has the potential to changes the lives of thousands of residents through the construction of a new, mixed-use urban neighborhood. Over a thousand new residential units are planned as well as over a million square feet of offices, retail and even 8 acres of parks and open space. Refer to this article for related information.


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