Alejandro Betancourt Comes Out Clean About Recent Accusations

Alejandro Betancourt is a famous name in the corporate world. He’s the brain behind Auro, a fast-growing ride-sharing firm. Alejandro is the CEO of Hawkers, a recently introduced sunglasses company. Some women and investors have dragged his name to mud in the past few months. The women accused him of sexual assault, while investors accused him of defrauding, claims he denied. In a recent TechTimes post, Alejandro Betancourt said that all the allegations had no basis. He dismissed the claims and confirmed cooperating with the authorities. In a story published by Tycoon Story, the interviewers dug deep to know his story. Alejandro Betancourt established that he was sure he would get cleared of the accusations. His lawyer also said that the allegations were groundless. He went further to say that he was sure to secure clearance for his client.

In an article posted by Fault Magazine, Alejandro Betancourt said the sexual assault allegations had no foundation. He confirmed his cooperation with the authorities to dig out and uncover the truth. In his speech, he was categorical that he had never assaulted any woman in his entire life.

He portrayed women accusing him as people out there to dent his reputation and destroy his businesses. Listening to him, you will tell that Alejandro has confidence that he will get cleared of the charges. The accusations have raised several questions and doubts. Some people have dismissed the claims as negative publications to destroy his reputation. Other people are waiting for the final court verdict and more