Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Assists in Rebounding Hawkers’ Fortune

Hawkers was established with a solid philosophy to offer high-fashion, high-quality and designer affordable sunglasses. Through this, its founders launched a lifestyle fashion brand that rapidly attracted many followers. After succeeding in Spain, it later suffered a few losses. Therefore, the company contracted Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to be their leader. Since when he was hired, the sunglass fashion company’s fortunes have rebounded. Thus, the company has expanded into a worldwide fashion firm through the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. The investors who put 56 million dollars into the fashion firm and Alejandro Betancourt have strengthened the company’s leadership by making Nacho Puig the leader of the firm’s business development and operations.

Hawkers build upon its successes in Spain. However, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez broadened the company’s distribution throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Later, he augmented his investment, thereby becoming the major stakeholder at the company with a controlling interest amounting to 50% of the total investment value. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez constantly encouraged his fellow workers to keep on pushing despite the setbacks emerging along the journey. Therefore, through him, the company has had extensive growth. Currently, it has over 200 employees and offices in Hong Kong, Elche, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Barcelona.

Furthermore, the company has been among the early companies to benefit by advertising via Facebook. Their ad campaigns on Facebook have raised sales and increased popularity. It has likes amounting to 6.6 million. Therefore, it has been recognized as being among the fashion companies which are most popular on this social media platform. Online is one of the company’s main distribution channels. Through this channel, it is able to maintain low sunglasses prices compared to its competitors; however, the company does not sacrifice quality. Approximately 90% of its sales are from online.

Nevertheless, it has over 40 stores worldwide. Besides, the company has been recruiting and deploying brand ambassadors as marketing channels. Lastly, Alejandro Betancourt’s investment in Hawkers made the company one of the top ten startups in Spain in 2018. Go Here for related Information.