Alejandro Betancourt, President of Hawkers Co.

Alejandro Betancourt is not your everyday investor; he has a keen eye for excellent investments. According to a respectable European financial journal, he is particularly famous for his early investment in Hawker sunglasses, which led to some incredible dividends.

Hawker sunglasses is a reputable company and a manufacturer, and a solid retailer of high-end sunglasses. Its sunglasses are both affordable and trendy. It’s possible to find plenty of Hawkers sunglasses in the Spanish market. The company also makes some of the best quality Spanish accessories.

The company has dramatically spread its wings to cover various needs across the region. Hawker was established in early 2013 by four founders who were keen on creating a brand for their online second-hand merchandise platform. By then, their trade name was not hawkers but rather Saldum, a name they later dropped in favour of Hawkers.

The journey to Saldum’s transformation to hawker was not abrupt. Still, one of the company founders, Mr. Lozano, went on a visit to the United States. He returned with sunglasses that greatly enlightened the other cofounders and decided to venture into this business.

The real success for Hawker would not get realized until years later when Alejandro Betancourt joined the company as a majority shareholder. Alejandro comes up with a new strategy for market penetration, and with the proper execution, the company came back to life. In addition, the company has made good use of new and emerging technologies such as social media to market and brand its products.

As a result, the company made a massive turnaround when they posted a turnover of approximately $100 million in revenue within a short period of one year. Currently, Alejandro Betancourt, the serving president of the company, is steering the company in the right direction to make its first billion in revenue. Refer to this article to learn more