Don Manifold: Founder of Manifold Advisory Partners

World expert Don Manifold talks with us. As Managing Director of Equity & Advisory and Founder of Manifold Advisory Partners, his team provides consulting services to organizations across the globe. He shares how he first got into the business, his favorite part of being a consultant, and more. Currently, the chair of EC Carpets, ADX Depot, and Hybrid Ag and CEO of Manifold Advisory Partners, Don is an active member of the company leadership team who oversees investment and strategy. He talks about our evolution from a small boutique to an offering that is global in scope and what he considers a success for his business.

Don Manifold began his career in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1990, working in several management roles in operations, sales, and marketing. He moved back to Adelaide in May 2006 to work with KPMG as an Associate Director, focusing on various aspects of corporate finance, the CEO team, and knowledge transfer activities.

Don Manifold is a regular speaker at international conferences on corporate strategy and global leadership. He was a former co-founder and director of the Adelaide International Management Institute. Now defunct, he was involved in early-stage Venture Capital investments in technology companies in Europe, the UK, and Australia.

Don has served as a board director for several public and private companies, including several start-up ventures, and has been involved with mergers and acquisitions on an ad hoc basis for over 20 years. His experience is across the breadth of industry sectors in Australia and, more recently, has included corporate development and strategy projects for international customers.

Don has led several transaction advisories and strategy projects in the areas of Technology, Environmental Services, Industrial & Process Equipment, and Information Technology, as well as several capital raising initiatives for both public and private companies. In addition, participates in charitable activities, serving as a director of the Manifold Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds for breast cancer research to know more click here.