Edgard Corona, SmartFit’s CEO at the Heart of the Best Fitness Network in Latin America

Edgard Corona is the most famous individual in the fitness industry. Apart from that, is the managing director of Bio Ritmo that has at least 480 gyms that earned R$1 B in 2017. In 1996, Edgard Corona created the fitness chain called Bio Ritmo in Sao Paulo with just a unit and was also clueless about this industry.

From that time, Edgard Corona is the director and CEO of the chain, but before this, he was a chemical engineer in charge of the family’s sugar factories. The sugar mils also had a laboratory. Edgard cited that they killed their investment to establish another one.

SmartFit has satellite stations in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Chile, and Mexico, therefore, consolidating the entire Latin American market because it has at least 1.6 million clients. To appreciate the company’s progress, it has more gyms than Estonia. SmartFit changed how people exercised in the nation by even forcing the people to transform the market.

In a certain interview, Corona claimed that he was inspired by the customer following because he has always been inspired by his entrepreneurial traits. When in college, Edgard Corona had a laboratory and then established a confection using the stores. He later sold the two investments and ventured deep into Sao Paulo to work for a certain family sugar company. He partnered with a certain gym and realized it was a nice investment, therefore, becoming the first academy related to the fitness chain.

When establishing the academy, Edgard left the venture but got injured when skiing, and so he experienced physical therapy. At his gym, Corona was doing physiotherapy, and so took good care of the investment. Regardless of the design mistakes, the establishment was still successful since the economy was excellent. Over the 12 years of mistakes, Santa Amaro lost a lot of money.