Georgette Mulheir: The Mastermind of Government Planning and Safety

Georgette Mulheir is the voice of Haiti and holds the key to assisting in easing the political crisis that is currently going on in the country. The change in the country is evolving back into a dictatorship. The people in the country are demanding that Haiti receives justice now. Georgette Mulheir has brought much attention to the debt that has brought the economic structure to shambles in the country. There have been numerous events that have led to international crises throughout the world. Georgette Mulheir is an expert on the care of children as well as developing the systems that allow protections to be given to certain events and people. 


The systems that she has created have been developed to redesign the inner workings of governments as well as businesses and corporations in the world. For eight years she developed and perfected programs all the way across Europe, Haiti and a few more countries. In 2018 she spearheaded a protection program that is generated to reunite parents with their children at the US/Mexico Border. As for Georgette Mulheir concerns, this project was a success and generated worldwide acknowledgement. The works, projects and missions that Georgette Mulheir has completed have received awards from the UK Charity Awards and the Zero Project Awards. They have recognized Georgette’s actions for the greatness that her social work activities and activism has inspired. 


The change that has come from everything that Georgette Mulheir has done in her career has altered the way of the world and many governments are using her techniques to this very day to organize and create change in the business structures. She is the author of many books on children’s and women’s rights in the world (Voice-online). 

The emergency response teams that were created have been looked at and studied to make changes in future programs across the world. The plan that Mulheir has to end the violence ultimately has an end result that will return democracy to the country. The return of democracy ultimately creates the idea of stability in the country. When stability returns the economy and infrastructure will return to normal. According to Georgette Mulheir ,tne these traits have been restored then we will be able to move into a peaceful transition. Mulheir stated that elections need to be restored. This will be the only way to establish a new government. Once this has been established then and only then will we be able to restore democracy back into this country that has lacked much in the past years.