Healthcare Technology article by Jason Hope

Activist investor Jason Hope’s article will describe various healthcare technologies as explained from virtual reality. First and foremost, the VR industry has been masked as a gimmick and nerds. Instead, it is making some waves in medical fields, aiming at helping or providing support to individuals with mental health problems or sometimes chronic stress. The article will describe various health treatment programs specialized in controlling various health complications from an individual. 


The inclusion of the medical technologies will explain about; the benefits of blockchain in Medicare, the medical technology behind CBD, new technology transforming Cardiac Care, and the difference between HIPAA and PCI-DSS


Jason Hope explains what are the benefits you can get from Blockchain and CBD in healthcare


Jason Hope on Stem Cell Therapy


When most individuals hear blockchain technology, they will think of something like cryptocurrencies. However, Jason Hope adds, it would help if you understood that blockchain is more than cryptocurrencies and is responsible for disrupting all fields of individual life. At the same time, CBD is known to be the most popular health supplement, which has been channeled with more benefits. 


This product is known to be conducted from marijuana, but all the THC has been eliminated. Therefore blockchain and CBD product technology are essential in medical care, controlling various health defects. Later on, Jason Hope talks about the new updated technology for controlling cardiac care. The recent research article from Jason Hope explains that cardiovascular diseases have spread at a higher rate globally. 


Several factors are facilitating the increase in cardiac diseases leading to a rise in death among patients. These factors are; poor diet, individuals prone to smoking, and the person having high total cholesterol if they have high blood pressure. In addition, you can also have some cases of being overweight which results in cardiac diseases, being physically inactive, and lastly when one has experienced depression. So the control of cardiac disease, Jason Hope finally adds, one should emphasize primarily, will be to maintain their diet and avoid having stress or maintaining consultation from their physicians.