Incredibly Cost-effective PosiGen Company

The ultimate wait on sustainable energy is over. PosiGen Company thrives in solar energy and energy efficiency. The inception point was when they identified the disparity between the wealthier and low-middle income households. The niche was filled by setting up their purpose on the provision of affordable solar energy. According to PosiGen CEO, their initiative was to build marginalized groups and low-income communities to attain a sustainable lifestyle. The initiative worked and has brought numerous growths to the company and the targeted communities. Solar energy serves five states: 

New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Connecticut, and Florida. Its project is saving more to access other utilities. At PosiGen, they provide energy either through buying or leasing plans. On an evaluation basis within the energy audits performed at the company, it has earned over fourteen thousand installations with packed benefits of free installation and maintenance, which is indeed a relief in budgeting planning. Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO points out that the cyclical process to obtain solar energy supply is through design and engineering and is done by the company, permit and approval, installation, inspection, and activation that allows for access to energy. 

Majority use leasing as compared to purchasing. They both come with effective billings that enhance more savings. Energy conservation is mandatory. PosiGen has it under the packages they offer. Maintenance gives room for energy efficiency, including closed exterior and open interior doors, blower door, fan, extracting air, air leaks, smoke pencil, seal, and home energy efficiency. For PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, the benefits of relying on energy consumption offered are lower energy bills, increased comfort, health, enhanced home value, and a cleaner environment that impacts the communities. The upgrades offered include a water heater insulation jacket, programmable thermostat, duct repair and sealing, air sealing and weather stripping, and air filter replacement.


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