LifeWave, an Award-Winning Corporation Fostering Community Wellness

LifeWave (ライフウェーブ) was formed in 2004 with a clear mission: to help as many people as possible lead better lives. By inventive and novel means, they have developed and patented several transformative wellness products, with effects ranging from better sleep and anxiety reduction to higher mental function and improved stamina. Some people have even reported fat loss and decreased pain. In testimonials, customers rave about how well LifeWave’s products work for them, citing improved skin conditions and lifelong ailments remarkably reversed.


Experience Meets Innovation


LifeWave’s founder and CEO, David Schmidt, has been in the product development business for over 30 years. The inception of his company was the result of several years of research centered on harnessing a product that could increase one’s quality of life. As the holder of 94 patents, including 13 pending patents, David’s innovation and expertise has been monumental for the regenerative science and technology field. It’s no surprise that after so many years of dedication and invention, LifeWave continues to release groundbreaking wellness products.


A Miracle in a Patch


LifeWave has a broad range of products that vow to promote numerous life improvements. Perhaps one of their most popular products is X39, a small patch that works by stimulating stem cells in your body to increase skin suppleness, reduce wrinkles, and promote faster cellular regeneration, among other benefits. The reviews for this product are glowing. The before-and-after photos often speak for themselves; customers cannot believe how well this product works for them. LifeWave has proven that intensive research, accomplished leadership, and the right approach can create a product that indeed delivers on its claims.