PosiGen: Leading the Future of Solar Energy

PosiGen is an innovative company that has been leading the future of solar energy and energy efficiency. Founded in 1991, the solar power company´s CEO Thomas Neyhart is committed to his vision of providing clean, affordable power for everyone. PosiGen offers residential solar panels, commercial solar solutions, and home automation systems. The company provides services for both new construction and retrofit projects.


Therefore, they have been helping homeowners save money on their electric bills while reducing carbon emissions into the environment! PosiGen solar power company is committed to improving how energy has been traditionally used in homes and businesses or even schools. The company leads by example, with its headquarters being entirely powered by solar energy harvested from rooftop panels. Since opening its doors in 2016, PosiGen’s office building has produced more than 18 million kilowatt-hours of energy.


This is enough to power the facility for more than 22 years! PosiGen is committed to its customers and offers two types of solar panel installation services. The first kind involves purchasing one’s panels under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Through the PPA, PosiGen will install the solar power systems at no cost. With this option, homeowners can avoid all upfront costs in exchange for a lower monthly payment over the contract term. 

The second option is to let PosiGen solar power company purchase and install solar panels on one’s property, which can be transferred at any time. The company truly believes that renewable energy sources are essential to our environment – not only within homes but across communities as well! Therefore, PosiGen offers a unique program that helps schools install solar energy systems and LED lighting. The company has already partnered with over 20 schools in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Connecticut to help reduce their electricity bills by up to 30%!