Reeve Benaron at WebAngel

Reeve Benaron is the author of “The Book of Yes: The Ultimate Real-World Guide to Successfully Networking Your Way to Whatever You Want.” 


In this interview, Reeve Benaron talks about how we can network for good. Many people in the world are not yet connected to global and national resources that can help them out. They immediately reject opportunities for their own development because they believe that their own village or community is all they need. 


But that’s not true – there are communities everywhere whose needs can be met through our networks, through our partnerships and collaborations from afar. 

We’re never going to bring equality or opportunity if we don’t start leveraging these capabilities more than we have in the past. 


Reeve Benaron, who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Hebrew Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, grew up in Huntington, New York. In a recent conversation he explained how he wants to change our attitude towards network relationships. 


I really believe that, from my perspective as an entrepreneur, all of my most important relationships are based on networks, Reeve Benaron recalls. Whenever you’re starting a business or working with an entrepreneur for a project or visiting another country or trying to get access to resources you’d never be able to get otherwise – these have all been made possible because people I know believed in me.


This, because I was able to collaborate with others online and bring them together offline in a way that’s so economically efficient and effective for everyone. In the ’90s, in Long Island, New York, the healthcare expert co-founded the company WebAngel. As Reeve Benaron finally adds, the WebAngel business was in such a way very successful and he was able to secure an MBA from The Wharton School of Business.