Robert Bull, CEO RoyaleLife Interview With Ideamensch

Bob Bull currently serves as the CEO of RoyaleLife, a real estate developing firm that focuses on bungalow development. Under the leadership of Robert, RoyaleLife targets individuals aged over 45 and provides them with comfortable living. The company has changed the view of bungalow living in the UK, hence, attracting many consumers.

The key success component of the firm is the Home Part Exchange Scheme. The program offers potential buyers full compensation for their current home value. For instance, if the current value of a client’s home is £450,000 and the bungalow costs £300,000, the buyer will have an extra £150,000. Hence, the buyer will move into a new luxurious home with extra cash to spend. The scheme favors buyers since it saves them from undisclosed costs such as real estate agent costs.

Under the leadership of Robert Bull, the company has realized exponential growth. The company currently has 64 real-estate development projects with approximately 30 projects under planning and development.

The Idea of RoyaleLife

The firm was established in 1945, a time where many people were moving to cities and suburbs. Hence, many real estate developers shifted to apartment and family home development to serve the current market demands. This created a market gap for bungalow buildings in the UK. The firm addressed this issue by tapping into the market.

Robert Bull’s Daily Schedule

Robert begins his business day at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. He mainly holds meetings with heads of departments and attends to client calls.

Entrepreneurial Habit

Robert Bull indicates that his best quality is teamwork. He prefers employees working with him rather than working for him. Additionally, he indicates that his habits are the building blocks of his success.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Robert Bull recommends entrepreneurs have an open mind and listen to employees’ ideas. He indicates that ideas can derive from anywhere, particularly from unexpected conversations.