Software Developer Tom Keane Microsoft

Engineer Tom Keane is a Microsoft technology leader. He has played a key role in these technologies for more than 20 years providing an inside-the-building perspective on what it’s like to work at Microsoft. What is it like to attend a meeting or be involved in all aspects of the company – from business to marketing, design and engineering? And what is it like in general? 


In this article, Tom Keane talks about work at Microsoft. He talks about how he got into the company and started as a contract programmer on Windows 95 and then became a technical leader for Windows 7. Tom Keane talks about his life growing up and what shaped him into who he is today, in addition to talking about his life as a whole within the context of working at Microsoft.


His Achievements

Tom Keane is a natural born leader. In this article, the software developer and engineer talks about some of his achievements, which include the following:


He argues that Microsoft is in good shape. He says it’s a company for the future. He says that because of its products like Windows 7 and Vista, it could get into the consumer market quickly and successfully. Tom Keane also calls out Internet Explorer as one of the best web browsers ever and one of Microsoft’s most successful products in terms of software sales. 

In this article, Keane provides an inside-the-building perspective on how the office world works. He talks about what it’s like to be a programmer and then goes into how he became a manager and a technical leader in Windows 7. Tom Keane also give a great overview of what the job market is like in the field of software development for computer professionals. His final piece is for his thoughts on Microsoft as a company.