Steve Lesnard Sephora Work At Nike

The growth and success of any business is directly linked to how it’s able to reach its market. Steve Lesnard Sephora is a proven guru at marketing products. Something he has been doing throughout his career. He has worked with Nike for 20 years, growing up in the corporate ladder over the years to the position of Global Vice President of its running division. He later served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Product Creation at North Face. Based on his track record of experience, he is a valued expert in the marketing field. Today, he serves as the Global Chief Brand officer at Sephora.

His Role at Nike

He joined Nike in 1997 and attributes the success of Nike to various factors. Nike achieved its success by having a clear and focused strategy to be the best brand. It built a brand that integrated fashion to the sports world. It did this to cater for women’s needs in a male dominated industry. The brand also focused on coming up with sportswear that would cater for the local community. For example, Nike made specific sportswear for Europe that was tailor-made for the people in Europe. Nike also invested in the local people. That became one of the reasons why Nike became a dominant player in the region it had its influence.

Steve Lesnard worked in the product sector at Nike where he was able to work closely with some of the best athletes like Kobe Bryant. He changed the perspective of the company to popularize its business model during the Olympics. He focused on building relationships with the athletes which entirely changed the vision of Nike.

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