Wes Edens Impressive Performance at the Company Earned

Edens began his finance career at California Savings and Loan, where he quickly worked his way up to Commercial Loan Officer. His impressive performance at the company earned him a position at Merril Lynch. As lifelong football fans, Nassef and Wes have taken their passion for the sport to the next level, investing in Aston Villa Football Club. after graduating from Oregon State University, Wesley began his career at California Savings and Loan.

His work there proved to be a valuable training experience for what was to come. Edens and Sawiris are committed to increasing the value of their investment over time, not just by raising Aston Villa to be the best football team they can be but also by helping the club continue to grow its profile in the UK abroad.

They will do this by investing in community teams, youth development initiatives, and building the most incredible stadium in England. The two are known to be longtime football fans, and their investment in the club is a vote of confidence. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens went big on Aston Villa. They said they were excited to have become owners of the hometown team. Edens is a family man. The Bucks co-owner has four children, and even though he often travels for work, he tries to spend most of his time with them.

Edens has had controversy surrounding his family in the past. Mallory, Edens youngest daughter, made headlines by appearing as Milwaukee Bucks’ team representative at the 2014 NBA draft lottery, which was widely described as inappropriate given her young age and that she was an active player for the competing Storm. When he’s not working to make a difference in the business world, Edens is an avid mountain climber. He started climbing at a young age and even had the opportunity to scale his fair share of some of the world’s tallest peaks. Go Here for related Information.