Will Alfons Hormann Replacement at the DOSB Revive Sports in Germany?

Alfons Hormann got elected to the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) presidency as a replacement for the then outgoing boss, Thomas Bach. However, his tenure at the helm of the confederation hardly lasted a decade when he resigned in June 2021, choosing to vacate the presidency even before the vote of confidence.

Challenges at the DOSB didn’t begin with a general public outcry that demonstrated a lack of confidence in Alfons Hormann. Prior to his resignation, news outlets quoted Hormann umpteen times complaining about government bureaucracy and blatant interference from the Federal Ministry of the Interior as a hindrance to the growth of school sports, such as swimming.

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More Outcry from Sports Officials

Alfons Hormann isn’t the only senior-ranking German official to express concerns about the future of sports in the country. Non-governmental associations, as well as activist groups, have been at the forefront of championing changes in the German sports industry for a while now. These groups even pushed for a “better” replacement in the Christian Wulff-led search committee that interviewed potential candidates to take over from Hormann.

Sports Landscape in Germany Needs a Complete Overhaul

Although everyone is tied between blaming Hormann or government interference for the bungled performance and oversight the DOSB exhibited of late, it’s pretty apparent that the country’s sports sector needs an all-around fix. The current president of the DOSB should start by mending diplomatic relationships with external sports confederations, such as the International Olympic Committee.

At the same time, DOSB leadership should also mend its relationship with internal government structures to work amicably and drive the future of sports as intended by taxpayers’ money. The once ambitious legacy of Alfons Hormann to make Germany a sports leader in the global arena will live on if the current DOSB leadership achieves this.